Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lamb Kurma and Pilau Rice

Had a quick looksy at UKS once or twice today! and I see the House Challenge for July is India, mmm, never been there so what to do for this one!! it certainly gets my creative juices flowing which reminds me of the absolutely delish Lamb Kurma I had today - yummy yummy yum yum!!

Had to go to a meeting with a customer and it was decided last week that we'd meet for lunch at a new Indian thats opened up a few miles from here. Incidently it used to be a "Tiny Cook" but it closed down a while back, hardly surprising really, but hey, I won't delve into the realms of discussing large chain restaurants on here!!

Anyway, back to my Lamb Kurma. Well it was just excellent (I dread to think of the calorie content, but hey, who cares). I was absolutely stuffed to say the least, so stuffed in fact that all I've managed to eat since lunch is half a bar of Galaxy. Well who can resist a bit of choc from time to time.

Talking of choc, that was a bit of a bargain too I must say. Went in last night to buy 1 bar, yes just 1 bar. Well, 1 LARGE bar anyway. Took it to the counter, about to pay and the guy pipes up "there are packs of 2 bars down there, only 30p more" Well I can't pass up a bargain so 2 bars it was. We scoffed 1 of them last night and started the 2nd today, isn't Galaxy just dreamy?

Did another LO today, piccie below. Haven't uploaded it to UKS yet cos I'm not keen on the pic of it, it seems a bit dark, think I'll wait until tomorrow and try photographing again. I'm not sure if its missing something really, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Anyway peeps, I'm a bit weary so going to turn in shortly. Nighty night.


xx Nat xx said...

Fab LO Di (as always hun!). What are the papers?! Particularly like the one you've cut the title from.

I used to be a, ahem, motorway "Tiny Cook" when I was at college. Hated it at the time but have fond memories looking back. It was ok food, as long as you didn't mind paying £8 for microwave meals!!!

Di said...

Thanks hun, now I've found you all again!! Title paper is my old fave BG (Skate Shoppe) and the checked type one is Creating Keepsakes.