Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Football and lager, yum yum

A bit of a quickie bloggibobs today!

Bro's card was a disaster last night, just about finished it and I thought "I know, I'll just outline that bit of text with a nice big black pen".

Yeah well, you can guess, last bit, pen slipped and messed the whole stupid thing up.

So that was it, I just had to pack work up early today to make him another one, oh damn!!!

Anyway, just had a quick 40 winks in the bath (resemble a prune now) and going to get ready to go out and watch Owney and Rooen do their stuff! Actually, I'm more interested in the lager, all that card making today has brought a bit of a thirst on!

Ooh the sun's just come out, luberly juberly, wish I could smilies in here, if anyone knows how to please let me know.

Right, dinners ready, Tony cooked tonight (another smilie!!) I'm off!

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