Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Huge

I'm not even going to mention yesterday!! Completely gutted and now I'm not in the least bit interested in the World Cup!! Nuff said!

Got woken up really early today. Our smoke alarm just outside our bedroom door decided to go off. It frightened the absolute **** out of Tony and I! There was no smoke so we reckon that thats its way of telling us its battery was getting low! Very nice of it to do that of course but preferably not at 4 o'clock on a Sunday morning!

Anyway, didn't go back off to sleep so got up. Did a bit more of bro's Roman Blind and then we decided we'd go the a Smallholders Show in Ardingly (no we're not smallholders but I guess we'd love to be if we had the available millions)!!
It was great there actually, took a few pics, one of a cute donkey foal, here he is looking particularly sweet. There was another one in the same pen, you can just see his head bottom left but he was flat out asleep.

There was also this Bird of Prey, didn't get his breed, a right mean looking character he was too. They had a few of them there, they all looked pretty mean!!

And there was the biggest pig in the world! No wonder she was lying down, she was just "HUGE".

Oooh and when we got back I was a bit on the thirsty side so I got a glass , filled it with ice and grabbed a lovely cold can of coke from the fridge (well I thought it was anyway).

Opened it up and out poured lager - OOPS! What a shame that was indeed, so I opted for a nice refreshing shandy - with ice in - lubberly jubberly.

Anyway that's about the extent of my weekend. Oh, I showed mum how to get on my blog on Saturday so if you read this mum - "HELLO MUM".

Right, tired now, been a long one today (blinkin smoke alarm) off to bed.

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