Thursday, July 27, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Noooo, not at work!! LOL! Just finished the ATC's for the newbie swap, thoroughly enjoyed doing them. Piccie below.

Another CJ arrived on Tuesday called "What do you believe in". I really, really wanted to do Father Christmas because I adore Christmas, it is the best time of the year. I normally start planning for it in August (how sad is that). Unfortunately Jilly has just done Father Christmas as her entry (it looks fab, as all her entries do) so I don't want to do the same theme straight afterwards so I'll have to think of something else.

I've got another project on the go which is a gift but I can't mention too much on here and I've still got my altered kiddies board book to finish.

I really want to do a couple of LO's as well, feel like I haven't done one in ages. I was going to do the weekly challenge, got lots of pics of Pip I'd like to use but time is running out, got til Sunday night mind you so I still might get one done.

Diet's going well, lost 3lb in 2 weeks, ideally I'd like to lose another 13lb but another 6 will get me back down to my "before giving up the weed" weight. A friend took a couple of photos of Tony and I last Friday and we both looked at them horrified. Just worked out the Weight Watchers points on a curry that I normally cook and without rice or poppadums it was 19 points (that's my whole allowance for a day) sheez! so I've cooked a WW recipe one for tonight, it smells okay and only 5 points without the rice and popps.

The weather is still pretty humid here, we heard a few cracks of thunder earlier but didn't get any rain, not as bad as the other night anyway. It's just too hot to do much really, never known a summer like it.

Anyway, off to stir the curry, yum yum.

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xx Nat xx said...

Those ATC's are just amazing Di - probably the best I've ever seen! They look so professional!!

Good on you on your diet - the curry sounds lovely. Way to go skinny!!

Can't wait to see your next CJ entry........been thinking about what I'd do. What do I believe magic? fairies?!!! It's a tough one, but could be good fun!! xxx