Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wall hanging

Just a quick post as I've already been on here today LOL! Thought I'd upload a pic of a wall hanging that I did a while ago. There are 1 or 2 that pop on here from time to time that said they wanted to see it so here it is!

It is painted entirely in pigment from the Rousillion ochre mines in Provence onto a piece of fabric and hung on a broomstick, of all things. It measures approx 39" deep by 29" wide and was inspired by the many fabulous wall hangings readily available to buy in Provence (much, much better than this one I'll add but I fancied a challenge, LOL!)

Anyway, thought I'd share so ta for taking a peek.

1 comment:

xx Nat xx said...

Cor Di - that's bloomin fantastic!! Is there no end to your talent?! You are so artistic - I love it!! you're a clever likkle bunny ain't ya?!! xxx