Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chinese yum yum

Well, the diet is well and truly out of the window today. Popped out for a couple of refreshing bevvies in the pub up the road today, their garden is lovely and when we got back we just didn't fancy cooking (a normal feeling but got the better of us today).

We didn't know what to have so Tony suggested writing down everything we fancy and then we'd knock a couple off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah right! Well at least we've got enough for lunch tomorrow.

Popped in the craft shop but didn't get much, no need, hardly done any scrapping this week. Must get back to it soon. It's strange, I can't remember what I did with my life before scrapping, it must have been dull whatever it was!

We were sitting out in the garden last night and I had a play with the camera with the settings on it. Now for anyone that doesn't know, I haven't got an SLR (saving for one as we speak) but my camera does have some manual settings on it. Took a couple of pics of a candle we had going on 2 different settings, thought they came out okay.

Ooh, by the way, thanks Nat, about letting me know about the comments thing on here, I think I may have sorted it now. Hope you're okay hun.

Right, that's me done for tonight, I need to get some serious shut eye very soon.


xx Nat xx said...

Looks like it's sorted Di! I thought it was my NORTY *lol* pc being it's usual minxy self!

I'd love to have an SLR, but just can't justify the price at the mo, and it would take me half a century to work out how to use it anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

mmm chinese yum !