Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday at last

Well at last the week has come to an end. Looking forward to the weekend and to this evening, going out for a walk along the river later (I think anyway) so there will be some photo opportunities hopefully.

I've been pushing on with my altered kiddies book but it's taking forever, probably cos I keep going on the internet and not doing any to it at all LOL!

Piccie is a preview of the front cover, the feather was found on the day of the piccies inside. Only done 3 DLO's inside, another 4 to go and each SLO is around 8" x 8" so it's taking awhile!!

Signed up for the BOM bus on UKS, I've already done a couple of LO's for my BOM but I hate my photo being taken so it's quite difficult to find pics I actually like. Still, I try and pick a few out and perhaps get Tony to take one or two of my best side (if I have a best side that is LOL).

Sort of trying to get Tony interested in photography, I think he might be, well perhaps only just a little bit but hey, I'll work on him.

Anyway, must get some grub down me before we go out.
Catch you all later


Beth said...

Wow, I love the front cover Di, it's truly lovely. You'll soon get it finished, once you do some more, lol. Hope you had a lovely walk too. XX

xx Nat xx said...

That cover looks fab Di - can't wait to see the rest!

AS for BOM - I'm just like you and am phobic about having my pic taken. Got a couple of ok ones, and lots from when i was a cutesy likkle blonde kid, but I'm gonna try to be creative and work abstractly, maybe about things I love and that are important to me the dotty shoes LO I did.....where the pics and journalling say a lot about me, but without having to cause psychological harm to inncoent bystanders by adding pics of my ugly mug!!