Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fruitless Broadband

Hmmmm, I am not a happy bunny today!!!

Got a leaflet through from a well known mobile provider offering Broadband for free with a minimum contract amount on a mobile. As I still live in the dark ages and have only been adventurous enough with the internet to go as far as dial up I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to enjoy the whole broadband experience that everyone raves about.

To cut a long story short, after spending a good hour yesterday in the shop organising this I was then told this morning (having spent another 2 hours on the phone), that for one reason and another this particular Broadband is just not suitable for us.

I'm flaming mad, one person tells you one thing then after you've signed a new contract they tell you something else. So, another hour spent down the shop today cancelling everything!!!!

Anyway, I've now decided to get Broadband through someone else so fingers crossed it will work out okay. (I'll keep you posted).

Finished the next DLO of a cj that I'm doing, I was quite pleased with it, I'll upload the pics tomorrow probably. I'm feeling the need to just sit and get some serious scrapping done. I just keep buying more stash and adding to my scrapping "to do" list but never actually getting too much done.

Ooh, and another thing, while I'm on a gas bag roll, hung some washing out yesterday, lots of it in fact and it poured with rain. Never mind, left it out there, glorious day today so it got nice and dry, only to find that most of it had peg streaks on it (great invention wooden pegs)!!! so I've got to wash it all again - grrrrrr!

Anyway, thought I'd add a pic of me with one of my more attactive poses. Tony insisted on taking a pic of me.

In fact, I had an even worse one to upload but lost my bottle, might do that one another day.

Bye for now

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xx Nat xx said...

You look gorgeous daaaahhhhling! *lol*
Luuuuurrrve the doodling - it's ab fabby!!! I flashed by me on UKS this mroning actually - and I thought, 'eck, that's bloomin good, and had no idea it was yours (I was still bleary eyed from bed lol). Love it love it!!!
hope you get your broadband sorted soon hun! Mine's ok for most things, like downloading it's much better, but for some bizzare reason it takes me twice as long to get online as it did with dial up! Go figure?!! xxxx