Sunday, July 23, 2006

English Wine - yum yum (well I hope so)!!

Had another fab weekend. Had loads of scrapping time yesterday cos Tony went off to footy (I just love footy - means I get loads of time to myself) LOL!

Went out for a wander this morning and ended up at a car boot sale, bought some Pokermon cards, a huge pile for £1.50 - they are ideal for ATC's, a tacky gold necklace that Tony has now taken apart and there are some nice little link thingys that will be useful, some used stamps from all around the world, quite a pile of them for 60p, again useful for ATC's and a really natty storage jar set, 12 glass jars with wooden lids on a 2 tier wooden holder, ideal for storing stash and it only cost £1 - bargain!!

My job this afternoon is to paint the lids and holder and generally spruce them up a bit - I'll take pics when I've finished.

We went onto a vineyard, it's not far from us and we'd been meaning to visit for ages. It was actually really nice there. We had a BLT roll for lunch and there was masses in it not just a thick layer along the front where you can see it that leaves you with just mouthfuls of bread at the back.

We bought a bottle of wine too and we're going to have some with our dinner later, "oh how cultured darlings". Here's a piccie of it - obviously still full at the moment!! - Edited to say, I did have a piccie on here but wanted to change the size and now I can't get it back - oh well! I'll take a piccie of the empty tomorrow!

Got a busy week this week, Mr BT is coming on Tuesday to swap our line from ISDN back to an ordinary one and leaving me with a broadband package to install and get up and running - eek!! I'm really not that much of a computer wizard and something is just bound to go wrong.

I want to try and get work as up to date as possible so I can get a few days off for the mini cyber crop. I know Tony is off to footy on the Saturday so that's 1 free day at least but I haven't really had a holiday this year so I could do with some time off.

I seem to be finding more and more stuff for me to do, I've signed up for a newbie ATC swap and my team mate Nina is on the same swap. Really looking forward to doing some ATC's, I've done a few but I've just put them in a file here and get them out from time to time to have a peek. We only need to do 5 so that's not so bad.

Also, I'm going to have a go at a banner for this blog at some point, I've printed off the instructions that Natalie directed me to so I'll see how I get on, "watch this space". Edited to say, well I've done a really quick one at the top, I'm not going to keep that one but I was impatient to see if it would work!!!

Anyway, first coat of paint is dry, I'm off to do another.


Caroline said...

My son is a Pokemon fanatic and collects Pokemon cards - he would be horrifed to know what you were going to do with them! lol

xx Nat xx said...

Welcome to the world of Broadband!! Hope it's all sorted now!! Love the sotrage jars, I've got 2 spruced up soce racks in my craft room, they are just so useful! Love the banner too - I'm going to have a go at one later this week but can't decide what to do just yet!! xx