Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Isn't it just sooooooo hot. I think it topped 82 degrees here today! We were promised a thunderstorm, it clouded over earlier but didn't even get a mild rumble.

Don't get me wrong I love hot weather, I try to get abroad as often as I can, but our heat is just so oppresive. The heat abroad somehow has a fresh warmth to it whereas we have in your face, sweaty, need to sleep all day type of stuff!

Anyway, I've been busy, had a bit of work to get done as I want to have Friday off. Well wanted Thursday off as well but that's just not gonna happen! Went to the hairdressers yesterday and had a cut and colour, I nearly fainted too..... no..... not cos of the heat but the cost...... Mmmmmm, I've been using this hairdresser for a while now and their prices just keep going up and up, think I may need to have a looksy round at some others!

Dentist this afternoon as well, never ending isn't it! Luckily tomorrow I haven't got to spend any money, ooh, except I've got to see a customer who is right next to my fave craft shop - oops!

Right, going to try and do something creative, if I think of anything interesting "I'll be back!"

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