Saturday, July 29, 2006


Morning!! Very early, couldn't sleep as usual. Looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day but I've got jobs to do today so not sure how much creativity will be achieved. Sooo looking forward to the footy season starting (1st non prem matches next weekend - yey). I will have so much more time to myself.

Came across a frog in the garden last night, just a diddy one and he didn't seem to mind me taking a few pics.

I've been looking at the gallery quite a bit on UKS and although it is incredibly inspirational it seems to make my work a little dull. I just don't seem to get the idea of scrapping yet, all my LO's seem too uniform and regular, I sort of feel I need to be more mish mash (if you get my drift). I think I might try a collage type LO and see how I get on with it, maybe I'm just not being adventurous enough. I guess my personality and lifestyle has always been a bit too organised so that is showing through.

Anyway, I'll have a go and post my results on here, hopefully soon too LOL!

Well I have the dreaded housework to do first thing, house looks like a tip, I guess the sooner I get that done the sooner I'll have a bit of time for myself.

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xx Nat xx said...

I love your graphic style Di - I find your clean lines and uncluttered pages really fresh and inspirational. I always love seeing your work as I really think it's TOTALLY fab - don't be so hard on yourself.
Will look forward to seeing your experimentations in different styles though!!!! xxx