Monday, July 24, 2006

Woo Hoo - storage jars

Finished them, really pleased. Only trouble is, I don't know what to put in them now!! Guess I'll have to buy some bits LOL!

I painted the lids and the holder and then covered the lids in sparkle mod podge, can't really see that in the photo but it looks okay. I think I might eventually stick punched out flowers or beads to it eventually to jazz it up a bit, I'll have a think.

It's been a warm one today, we've had a guy round to paint the back of our house, he's nowhere near finished yet but it's getting there. I must admit he looked a bit lobsterish when he left today - oops, bet that's going to sting in the shower tonight.

Had a good day today, work started off a wee bit stressy but improved as the day went on so not too bad at all really.

I'm not too sure what project to do tonight, I may have another think about my BOM and also the ATC's for the swap.

Oh, and as promised yesterday here is a piccie of the wine, still full, although we did drink it last night and it was absolutely yummy scrumptious.

The only problem is I probably drunk just a little too much of it and had trouble sleeping, so I guess I'm in for a good nights sleep tonight.

Right, think I'll get stuck into some ATC's.

Bye for now.

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