Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More doodlin'

It's too hot to do much else really! I'm starting work about 6ish each day so I can finish by early afternoon, suddenly the temperature in here just flies up at around 12.30 onwards - phewy!!

Spent yesterday doing some more doodling, not so sure about this one but it was good practice and I really enjoyed doing it. I'm still altering a kiddies cardboard book too but that's taking a while.

Apart from that it really is SO HOT but apparently we're getting a thunderstorm or 2 tonight so with any luck that'll cool the air down a bit.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, I think Tony's off to footy on Saturday and cricket on Sunday so I'll have the whole weekend to myself, bliss, I'll be able to scrap as much as I want (I normally feel a tiny bit guilty if I scrap for too long normally), only a tiny bit mind!

I haven't had the best of days today, is the world just getting busier or what. It seems whoever I ring I'm either shoved in a queue for half an hour, or I constantly get through to an answerphone or I leave messages for people to call and they don't ring back! It's so frustrating, just feel I'm not getting everything done. Oh well, hey ho, guess I'll just scrap instead LOL!

Have fun one and all.

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xx Nat xx said...

That's bloomin amazing that is - you're quite the artiste!!
things cooled down there yet? It's much better here the last couple of days - nice and sunny but no mugginess. Sorry to hear you had a crappy day, phone queues are just the worst. Funny though, there's never a queue on the line when you're phoning to pay a bill or to become a new customer!! Chin up my love :)