Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As promised we went for a walk yesterday through the local deer and came across these chaps. They were constantly pounding their antlers in the mud just shaking their heads from side to side. I presume they were trying to get the leather coating off so they'd be ready for a ruck or two as round the other side of the park were abour 100 more deer, mainly females!!

Todays blog prompt is:
When you were a child, what did you want to be/do when you 'grew up'? Why? Did it happen? If not, why not? Is it too late? Were there other unfulfilled goals?

Hmmm, not difficult, firstly I wanted to be an air hostess, for some reason by the time I was at High School I'd gone off that idea, probably a good job too as I'm not a keen flyer.

Then I wanted to be a vet, I needed to excel in the sciences and I would have gladly worked hard at them and gone through the years of hard training to obtain my goal!! Unfortunately the idea of shoving my arm up a cows backside didn't appeal quite so much so I regretfully knocked that idea into touch.

I did train as a Graphic Designer which I loved but at the time the best jobs were in the city and I didn't fancy commuting!!

I'm now a number cruncher, a book-keeper, I run my own business with Tony doing books for around 8 companies and we do okay!! But the truth is "It is just the MOST BORING job on the planet" and since I discovered the art of scrapping I'm afraid my job has now become 10 times more boring. I suppose my passion for doing an arty type career is creeping back out of me again, but it's not to be I'm afraid so I guess that is something I do regret.Posted by Picasa


Monika said...

Havinga creative job zaps all of your ideas when scrapping. I am glad I have a non art related job, think I'd hate scrapping if my work has some kind of connection. Enjoyed your blog.

Heather said...

Love your picture, they look so fierce with their horns locked don't they?

Interesting read, really enjoyed a look round your blog :D