Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oooh, more creativity today!!!!

Well it's the first day of the Summer Holiday cyber crop and I did a really enjoyable challenge today.

As you have probably guessed by now, Tony is a huge footy fan and one of his ambitions is to visit all the football grounds in the 4 divisions of the English domestic league.

Although he has already been to quite a few grounds he has recently starting buying me a beanie teddy with a team badge on from wherever he goes (bless him). So I made a hammock to put up in the bedroom to keep them all.

Anyway, they are just sooooo cute and seeing as I have a slight adverse reaction to having my photo taken I thought I could base my BOM on "Signs of Me" rather than just fill it with pics of me in the same old "cardboard cutout" pose. So here they are!!

I'm now putting together a journalling jar, along with updating my blog, doing the cyber crop, making tag books, doing cj entries and all the other things that UKS have kindly filled my time with!!

Ooh, meant to say, I replaced my broken printer, I have a nice shiny new one that I'll hopefully take much better care of. It's another Brother all in one and it takes the same cartridges as the old one which is handy.

Right, back to my jar!!

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xx Nat xx said...

Love the LO Di! looks fab! Mine just didn't come together very well lol! trying desperately to upload my blog but it seems that Blogger won't be my friend today!!
glad to see that there's no end to your current creative outpouring anyway :) xxx