Thursday, August 03, 2006

Got your sunglasses?

Well I've completed another DLO for my BOM in the cyber crop today. It took me ages actually but never mind. (I guess it was because I did manage a couple of Rum and Cokes in between, wink wink)!

Now this one is REALLY bright, a lot brighter than I would ever do but I was amazed at how it really didn't look too bad. Colours I thought would never ever go together seemed okay LOL!

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this cyber crop and I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday. I think I might be out Sunday at a local show, lots of photographic opportunities hopefully.

Ooh, and I've nearly done my journalling jar, I'll take a pic when it's finished. I really like having time off work, wish I could do this more often LOL!

1 comment:

xx Nat xx said...

It looks fabby Di - the colours are lovely! SO bright and summery!

Better watch those rum and cokes, or you'll be done for drunk whilst in charge of scrapbooking equipment.