Friday, August 25, 2006


Hmmm, woke up at some ridiculous hour again this morning, around 3ish. It was almost embarrasing to get up that early so I held out until 3.45 then stuck the kettle on.

Finished my Oriental ATC's, couldn't do 10 the same, I think I would have got bored with that so did 3 mini sets.

I'm glad it's Friday, I love Fridays but I do have to work a bit longer today as it's pay day for a couple of companies so I'll be sorting that out. I think my name would be mud (polite way of putting it) if no-one got paid today!!

Preparations for the Saturday gathering are under way and I'm really looking forward to seeing some peeps I haven't seen in a while (which is probably all of them, I don't get out much LOL)! I managed to source a Gazebo from a couple of good chums so if we do have any rain at least we won't all get soaked.

There's been a couple of calls for design teams recently. I was toying with the idea of submitting for them but a bit dubious. I don't cope well with rejection and although I'm happy with the LO's I'm producing I'm not sure my stuff would appeal to a design team. I don't have any cute pics of wrinkly babies or animals (although Tony and I don't do too bad when it comes to wrinkles) and I really think people are more drawn to LO's with those themes. I'll have a think for a bit!!

I decided not to do the blog prompt today but I will keep looking daily, Jane is doing a grand job and she really is getting lots of peeps to blog. I read an interesting thread on UKS this morning, some people were discussing how many family and friends read their blog. It seems that most people either prefer to keep their blog to themselves or f and f's are not that bothered anyway.

The same seems to go for their scrapping too, some people are just not interested in what others do. I find that such a shame although admittedly, apart from uploading to UKS I only really show mum and Tony what I've been up to (well I have to justify what I spend all the money on don't I)!! but nevertheless, a lot of time and effort goes in to doing this stuff and it seems so sad that some peeps just aren't bothered.

Well I'm getting dizzy up here on this soap box so I'm off to get a refill. Posted by Picasa


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Di....!!

xx Nat xx said...

Di! I'm sitting here tutting and shaking my head as I read this!! Your scrapping is really amazing - why not give the design team a go?! If you don't try you will never know. Crikey - I entered the BOB comp when i'd only been scrapping quite literally a couple of months i had to make an extra page just to have the right number of LO's to submit!!! It was a total whim and I never thought they'd even look at my work - and I got picked as one of the winners! I think I'm also proof that you don't have to have cutesy wutesy kiddy pics to stand out too - you'll be suprised how many magazines, DT's and comps are actually trying to look for more innovative and original ideas than that. Go on - take the plunge and have a go - the worst that can happen is that you'll get a polite reply saying no and that standards were very high all round - and if that's the case: don't take it to heart - hundreds of other applicants will recieve the same thing and be in the same situation. You just never know Di -I'd say give it a go - I did, and I was thrilled with the results!! Your work is fantastic - believe in yourself :)