Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blog prompt

Well there is now a Blog Prompt being posted on UKS the first being "Who are the people you have met who you've gained the most from?"

I guess Tony must be the main one, we seemed to have grown much closer over the last couple of years and, although weve been together a long time, we seem to be learning so much more from each other recently.

My mum and dad have definately been huge influences on me and it goes without saying how much I have gained from them.

Quite a tricky prompt this, it's something I've ever sat and thought about, but hey, nor was a journalling jar and that has sparked amazing memories LOL!

I'll definately be checking out the new blog prompt daily, hopefully it will inspire me to blog as often as possible.

1 comment:

xx Nat xx said...

Sounds a fab dea - will have to check the promots out. At least now my waffling will be a bit structured, as opposed to random waffling lol!!! xxx