Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lazy Sunday morning

Had an early night last night, absolutely whacked. Busy yesterday with the cyber crop again and I did a LO from the Jillybeans class and finishd off my Journal Jar and book.

I'm looking forward to going through the journal jar, some of the stuff in there really got my memory banks into gear and it will be interesting to recall some of the more colourful moments in my life LOL!

We were meant to be going off to a local show today but we have a mini crisis local to us so we're going to stop in, hopefully all will be resolved this week. I guess I'll just have to do a bit more scrapping hey.

Tony went off to his first footy match of the season yesterday to Barnet v Torquay, the away team scored in the 94th minute so that was good. I think the biggy premiership kicks off next weekend, aahh bliss, all that time to scrap on my own LOL!

Right, off to get more tea, 6.45! is that all it is!!


Caroline said...

Loving all your layouts Di, you have been busy!!

xx Nat xx said...

Have just checked out your UKS gallery too - looking good girlie! you certainly have been busy over the cyber crop :)