Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday already!!

And it's nearly September!!!!

It hasn't been a particularly marvellous week (work really does get in the way of things doesn't it LOL)! but I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow.

Managed to do a LO yesterday, pic below. I haven't looked at the blog prompt today, sorry Jane!! I'll have a looksy tomorrow.

Tony's swanning off out to footy for a couple of days but I'm not complaining, I'll probably be scrapping for about 12 hours solid, phewy!!!

No other news generally, we were planning a holiday to Canada next year but now we're a bit doubtful, just don't fancy flying at the mo. we'll see though.

Anyway, I'm a bit "bushed", catch up soon peeps when I've got my act together a bit.


xx Nat xx said...

Love the LO about Tony - great inspiration for me as I'm looking to do something similar about my OH :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Lo Di - love it xx

Gaye said...

Love your LO :)