Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday blog prompt

Look up the meaning of your name: Does it fit? Did you want to change it when you were growing up? Do you like it now? If not, what name would you like to have? What is your nickname? How do you feel about it?

Apparently my name means "Divine", well isn't that just YUK!!, I think I can safely say that I could never have ever described myself as Divine!!

Hated it when I was young and not too fussed on it now but as mum reads my blog "It's okay Mum, I don't mind it really"

I hate being called Diane, much prefer Di but I really always wanted to be called either my middle name, Elizabeth, or my sis's name, Sue.

I don't have a nickname, well not one that is used regularly and certainly not one I can repeat on here LOL!!

On with todays events, had my hair cut, same style as usual but happy with it. Went for a quick tipple in a pub in town, very yum yum! Back home, cooked tea and now settled down for an evening in front of the computer.

Oooooh, one bit of news, The Works has just opened up a store in town, I am as chuffed as punch! Mind you, spent nearly £12 in there, tut tut, never mind, worth every penny.

If I can sort out an interesting photo I'll upload later.

Byeeee for now.

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